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    dufftownallan wrote:This isn't spitting the dummy out, this isn't false entitlement, this is abject anger at the transparency that the sport we love has become a commodity with which rich corporations can fleece more money out of the fans who truly care about the sport and - more importantly - derive a great deal of enjoyment from.

    Indeed. I don't think some people have much perspective on it, especially those who don't care for the sport, or any sports, who just see it as it being broadcast somewhere else, 'big deal'. For me, arts and sport are the two defining aspects of world culture. You can't underplay the importance of these things to people. The way that a sport is broadcast to the fans is a key component of it. Doubly so with F1 when you only have 20 events making up an entire season, and prohibitive costs to get to most of them.

    People were up in arms when F1 went to ITV back in the day because the BBC's broadcast of it was iconic. When the BBC bought it back, there was an undeniable buzz from fans, and it turned out to be more than merited. This is a high water mark: the fans insight into the sport they love and therefore the sport itself has benefited from this increased analysis and exposure. If you're Jenson Button I bet you're bloody happy that 6 million watched you triumph and stand on that podium - for all kinds of reasons, the least of which at the end of the day would have been his paycheck.

    Anyway, Martin Brundle can put it far succintly than I can; from his twitter:
    Peak of 6 million viewers for yesterday's race, most watched programme on any channel yesterday. Thanks for joining us if you were able to

    I enjoy Brundle speaking out as much as he can in the circumstances. And the forum after the race, when Jake purposely led the team on a hike down to where he knew (or had told) the British contingent had congregated.

    F1 Forum on Sunday:
    Jake: Did you enjoy the race today everybody?

    crowd cheers

    Jake: Yeah? Excellent. Do you enjoy the, er, the BBC's coverage?

    crowd cheers

    man: Yeah, it's better than Sky we don't want it on Sky!-

    Jake (holding the microphone closer): -it's what?


    Jake (in mock shock): Uh! What!

    EJ: Well!

    Jake: Let's move on!

    EJ: Censorship, at its extreme!

    Of course referring to the fact that they had all been gagged good and proper - they were all three of them grinning throughout the exchange. The modus operandi at the BBC with this is 'THIS IS FANTASTIC NEWS' and 'nobody mention the war'.

    edit: you can see it here if you missed it, until it gets yanked.

    Bernie said that the BBC can show the full races (deferred) if they want to. However, it sounds more like there is a stipulation for them to show their package during prime time, meaning they are basically forced not to.
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