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    Didn't Whitmarsh lie yesterday when he said he knew nothing about the fuel situation when asked post-race? He did, as was confirmed later. They then tried to mislead the FIA, again, not for the first time.

    I'm not convinced it is overblown, it's a very costly and important error, and it's not the first time lately that mistakes in the garage have cost the drivers. There'll be some serious bollockings going on behind the scenes, if there aren't then there should be. Of course Martin Whitmarsh is going to say everything is OK to the press, he's got a brand to protect.

    And anyway, I said if the Twitter stuff wasn't true, it's obviously an elaborate hoax, which it seems like it is. Very weird that someone would create 4-5 fake accounts (the guy, his brother, girlfriend etc) and keep them going for months just to post fake stuff. A bit mental.

    Anyway, let's just enjoy the race away from Twitter rubbish, never been Hamilton's biggest fan but he deserves some luck now, hope he carves through the field!

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