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    They're not changing engines next year.

    Firstly, next year they're still using the old V8's. McLaren won't design, build and test an engine just for 1 years competition before the V6's come in 2014.

    Secondly, it's not even close to being economically viable. They're massively expensive to design and build and they just don't have the income or facilities to warrant that. Their contract with Mercedes goes on for a few more years yet and they would have had to start work on the 2014 engine a while ago. Ferrari have already started dyno testing theirs, along with renault and Mercedes.

    If you're Ferrari and have a dozen or so makes and models to support with your own engines (as well as being politically unthinkable to have anything other than a Ferrari engine in a Ferrari car) as well as two other teams to buy the engines and help spread the cost, then that's fine. McLaren have barely made two road going models with their own engines.
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