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    Psychotext wrote:

    That he was on the wrong tires at the end was entirely his choice (just like it was Vettel's stupid choice to swap to dry tyres too early). If you're going to compromise your strategy then you can't really expect there not to be ramifications.

    Was that not a team choice made prior to the race and at the same time as an agreement that after the final pit stops the positions would be held?

    Regardless, Vettel passed Webber and the difference in tyres was enough for Vettel to relatively easily pass Webber, but I also think Webber backed out and chose not to hang Vettel out to dry on the corner where Vettel actually finished his pass. Any other driver, any other team, and I think MW would have.

    Next race will be interesting. Webbers last season in a RBR? Most certainly. MW causing friction for the rest of the season? I doubt that. Webber has too much self respect to cause that much problems internally I would have hoped.

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