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    Im pretty fed up with all this Webber vs Vettel crap now.

    Mark Webber is an average driver who didn't deserve to win the race. Sebastien was the faster so he overtook him. Simple as that. Stop crying Mark and just sit there until the end of they year where you will be packed off to some mid table team.

    There is a reason why Mark Webber has done fuck all in over 4 years of driving by far the most complete car on the grid.
    There is a reason why Vettel is on a long term contract and your on a year by year contract.
    There is a reason why Vettel consistently outperforms you in qualifying and in the race.

    Its because your an average driver. Your not a winner and everyone in F1 and red bull know it.
    Your a Felippe Massa, your an Eddie Irvine. Your basically a Nu 2 driver and always will be. Thats because after years and years you have proven to be consistently slower then your team mate.

    Jesus Mark just let it go mate. You could have won that race but your still not going to win the championship because basically, your a bit shit.
    Vettel is the better driver and always has been. The stats speak for themselves.
    Just shut up, pick up your fantastic wages and look forward to driving for Marussia next year.

    /rant over
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