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    JYM60 wrote:
    Here's the link.

    AVF MW2 Tournament

    Sign up has been closed for a while now. AVF were one of the first clans we played Killzone against, and we played in a KZ league they hosted early on. Really sound guys.

    Do you have a MW2 clan going? If so some friendlys would be cool.
    *coughs* Don't tell anyone, but the VGE0 peeps (including me, really) aren't really good enough at MW2 to really play any matches. Not really worth the effort IMO. Actually, we've started playing a few tournies on KZ2 again, and MW2's pissing me off enough to make me think about going back...

    Yeah, we played AVF once...needless to say, we won (6-0 I think it was :p). I set up the match but didn't actually play in it. Talked to those guys a lot though, and they seem pretty spiffy and all.
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