#9412713, By Salaman Random, but strange spam...

  • Salaman 4 Mar 2013 08:32:36 23,053 posts
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    Opened my work email today and found this gem:

    Subject: AbleToInvadeSoDeepIntoWoman,She'llScreamAndShoutLike

    "We'll put the little girl between us, Jan," said the young wife.»Trocken wie dieser Zweig sind die Gebete gewesen, die er zu Gott Crazy.GiveWomanTheFirstThingSheExpectsFromYou-

    "Was there nobody you liked?"
    The crazy bit was a link to some russion "health products site".

    Overtones of rape and peadophilia, random language switch, nonsensical text. Quite a piece of work this.
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