#9230270, By atomicjuicer Self-imposed ban on buying more games

  • atomicjuicer 16 Dec 2012 09:56:08 324 posts
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    This year I went totally insane. Worst year EVER.

    My life is busier than its ever been and because I have a little bit of money my game-deprived brain keeps splashing out in the hopes that buying games means playing games. Which it doesn't. Pity you can't buy packets of time off the shelves along with your games D;

    I've bought about 20 Vita games (including ps1 games) I've about 5 cellophane wrapped console games (I've never left games completely unplayed like this), my OH has had to buy shelves to move her book library because my game library was consuming all our living space and I seem to have this single handed need to support the ailing games industry by myself ;(

    Man I really wish work would let me take more time off.

    Weeps for unloved, unopened, unexplored gaming goodness.

    - Also bought a 3ds and an iPad :/
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