#9265853, By Flying_Pig Self-imposed ban on buying more games

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    About this time last year, I make a commitment to not spend more than 100 on games in 2012, although allowing my imminent Vita purchase to not count.

    Having tracked my purchases though the year, my total is closer to 500, although 200 was the Vita and another 100 was the Borderlands 2 ultimate loot hunter chest edition.

    But having taken a PS+ subscription out this year, I've not purchased a boxed PS3 game for more than 6 months ( except the aforementioned BL2). My main game spending has been on Vita titles (got about a dozen boxed titles), but the backlog is limited to:
    - NFS: MW - almost finished
    - Big Sky Infinity - PS+ free
    - Knytt Underground - PS+ free
    - Oddworld: Stranger's Wrath

    Not bad at all, and the bulk of my spending in 2013 will be limited to Vita titles - Persona 4 Golden, EDF, Sly Cooper & the thieves of time, Soul Sacrifice etc

    PS3 is a different matter entirely. The backlog is about the same size as last year (~ 20 titles), but then there's another 20 PS+ titles I've got to play. Certainly enough to keep me busy though 2013 - but then there's stuff like The Last of Us and Bioshock Infinite to tempt me...
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