#9275932, By dancingrob Self-imposed ban on buying more games

  • dancingrob 7 Jan 2013 15:44:21 1,267 posts
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    I'll join this thread this year I think!

    In terms of stuff I haven't even 'opened' yet, I currently have 16 boxed games unstarted, along with 10 XBLA games (admittedly all bought when on sale!) There are then another 3 or 4 biggish pieces of DLC untouched on top of that. I've also got a few games I'd like to replay, just to make it extra tricky!

    I've got something like 2500 MSP knocking about anyway, as well as a few pounds of CEX credit so won't count that towards any spending in sales I might do.

    Will see how I get on!
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