#6008499, By SlightlyMagic Dead PS3, Can i salvage the HDD?

  • SlightlyMagic 7 Apr 2010 00:05:49 52 posts
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    You lost me at pay.......................kidding :)

    If it's sub 100 I could tolerate it, but that figure around 150 that I here mentioned re: repairs sound a bit inflated when you consider the cost of a new one.

    Yeah I didn't bother with the repair when my 60gb died, just traded some old games in against a new 120gb slim from HMV for 200, and once I actually get round to fixing the 60gb again so I can properly wipe it I'll hopefully get a few quid for it on ebay for spares.

    One thing that is worrying is that when I fixed it the first time and put my 60gb drive back in and formatted it (I'd put a 250gb drive in it), it still auto signed me into PSN! Then it died again before I could check further. What I don't want to do is flog it and someone then fixes it and can just get straight on to my PSN account, so I need to fix it and get it properly wiped. I guess the PSN sign on is stored on flash memory rather than on the HD.
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