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    I'd have to say I actually haven't had much bother with the Physco's in DR2 as there seems to be a knack to each of them like Randy in the church where you can just jump over the chairwall at the side when he comes close with the chainsaw and he'll attack and miss you if done right and you can attack him with the claws or pole weapon out of reach. Either that or keep jumping and he'll tire himself out and you can attack then?. I am however loving the game but decided to stop before the end of the case files as didn't want to finish it on the day I got it! Also I'm quite on the fence about the timings as the good thing about DR was you were kind of in a sense of should I go for this or not when the missions come up where as in DR2 it seems pretty relaxed and I can stroll through it without having to worry about racing to each mission...
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