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    Vice, Details as follows on what to do;

    On the 3rd day, case file 4 around 11pm after the fight with the twins make sure you have the 3 poker players and the 3 girls who make you pay 10,000 in the Palasades mall and take them to the safe house first otherwise you will not get the Tape It and Die survivors. They appear in Kokonuts Sports Shop on Day 3 at 7am, same time as Katies Zomb shot I know but it's fine time wise if you have managed to save the Wilted Flower lady and gained the shortcut. They are in the door on the ground floor which you may have noticed is locked, make sure you bring plates and a cement saw with you which can be picked up in the maintence underground area just underneath that mall before you go in and they will refuse to come with you so don't worry about that. Later on, case file 6 I believe you will get a call saying they are in trouble and to save them, once done you should receive your last 2 survivor combo cards as well all being good.

    And the other 2 survivors are the following;

    After the fight with the military scar face and you are carrying Rebecca back to the safehouse, make sure you pass through outside in the middle where you can see rocks with a save point and work bench is across from the Royal Flush Plasa and the Casino, should be in the middle of both in the map if you look carefully, also if you have any guns with you drop them completely otherwise these survivors will not come with you, you will see 2 soldiers fighting back the super zombies and well as normal zombies, these 2 should be the last 2 and when you talk to them they should join you so long as you are not carrying any guns.

    I hope that helps even though it may not make sense......
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