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    Anyway I wanted to ask a question about Shenmue, and I ask this as somebody who has only ever played the game as an adult - it passed me by for at least 10 years.

    ...Is it boring all the way through, or is it just a slow starter? I've never got very far - about 2 or 3 hours in each time I've given it a chance - but dear God in heaven I could fall asleep. The intro implies it's gonna be some awesome Asian martial arts revenge epic, but then you take control of the dude and spend the next few painful hours walking to and fro in a cramped Japanese equivalent of Wolverhampton doing fetch quests. Each time I end with a strong feeling the entire game is going to be (lots) more of the same so I turn it off to avoid slipping into a coma. It sits in the bookcase now, looking at me sadly like I've done it a grave injustice and I can't shake the feeling that it might be right.
    It does pick up a lot, but it's generally just a very slow paced game. Once you become comfortable with the geography and don't have to ask everyone about everything to be able to progress it becomes less tiring. In my current playthrough I've managed to get through disc 1 in under 3 hours just because I know exactly where everything is and who to talk to. Once you don't have to ask for directions everywhere it's a lot less tedious.

    To be honest the only time it really feels like an epic battle game is disc 3 of Shenmue 2, especially after Dou Niu turns up, when you get four or five hours of awesome action scenes.
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