#4332096, By Christian Bale has sand in his vagina

  • Deleted user 2 February 2009 23:05:12
    Hunam wrote:
    urizen wrote:
    Hunam wrote:
    Hissy fits are the best, sure, you look like a dick but after it's all out there it's easier to deal with. Though I think people need thicker skins though, being shouted at is just one of those things in life..

    Hunam wrote:
    Maybe it's just the way I am but I'd be in my cold cold grave before I let someone working for me speak to me like that.

    At the risk of arousing your ferocious anger - or not, I'm a bit confused - make up your mind, man!

    I was just thinking this myself. I clearly have double standards. Sometimes folks need to be shouted at, but if you shout at me I'll just stab you in the face.

    Good answer!
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