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    Vortex808 wrote:
    Unforgiven is brilliant. But then i am a total sucker for an eastwood-involved western. sergio leone's are my absolute favourites, but high plains drifter, hang 'em high etc and even the lighter outlaw josey wales are all great in my book.

    Treasure of the sierra madre is a great shout too. Gotta love a bad bogart!

    I was thinking back and i can only remember two western games i've ever played in 25+ years, neither of which i can remember the names of. They were both on C64 - one was a mastertronic one (i think) where you had to shoot birds as they flew past, then bad dudes in windows of a house and do some fence-jumping stuff. I forget what else. The other one was train heist thing by capcom, or us gold. I can't recall which.

    There's really not been much cowboy/western inspired games at all has there? Especially considering the obvious love for the films on here.


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