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    Enjoying it. Its great, not perfect but easily scratches my itch. If i had one complaint it would be that it go's out of its way to make you do the 'right' thing. All i want to do is look after number one, and i'll quite happily kill, let die or steal from everything that moves in order to achieve this.

    I was asked to save a hanging man, but i chose to watch instead, the people hanging him then just turned on me with no provacation....the cheek of it!!

    An old man wanted to sell me a spot of dusty land in the middle of nowhere for $200. I shot him in his fat head and took what i wanted, making sure not to be seen doing it. I was rewarded with $15 and the cancelation of what might have been a fun quest chain.

    In short, Red Dead Redemption needs to man the fuck up. Very little point to its Honour systme if its only ever going to end one way.

    /go's off in search of a whore to cut up
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