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    mrmrc84 wrote:
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    threepy wrote:
    ...Only niggle is the controls....This was brilliant ,except for when you were crouching behind something and shooting. IT involved pressing L1 and L2, pushing the left analogue stick forward, and then aiming with R3 and shooting with R1......

    It's a bit clumsy. Didn't Rainbow Six just have you aim down the sights whenever you popped out from cover? That was much more fluid.

    I banged mine on Alternative 2 straight away but agree it seemed a bit fiddly to start with using L1 and L2 with other things. I got used to it though. On my second playthrough I felt much more comfortable with what was going on and also liked it much more the second time through also.

    I can see this game being a real grower.

    I'll try changing the controller presets. For all my griping I'll still be waiting for the postie on release day.
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