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    FADCFTMFW wrote:

    So, is anyone else unimpressed?

    For starters, it's a bit grey for my liking. I know it's set in a warzone on another planet with stormclouds in the sky, and I'm well aware of the artistic direction used to portray war, where you suck the colour out of the images to give a cold, miserable feeling of a place where you don't really want to be, but would it have hurt to put in a few rainbows in?

    Also, the post-processing. With all this motion blur, soft focus on the weaponry, depth of field, glare from all the lighting effects, blood spurting, muzzle flashes etc, it all gets a bit much. I'd prefer if it was a bit more plain to be honest.

    The enemies don't look right. When you see them responding realistically to the impacts of bullets by twisting wildly, being illuminated by the flash of your muzzle and the nearby lights, they look odd. I'd rather they just used simple death animations and didn't have all the lighting going on.

    The enemy AI is dreadful. Towards the end of the demo after fighting my way through the entrenched enemies by destroying their cover and avoiding being flanked, I saw one guy who was looking the other way and I managed to knife him. It really was poor, he didn't even notice I was there.

    I wandered into a corner in the demo and saw a texture which looked a bit low resolution. It also looks suspiciously sub-HD - it definitely doesn't look as good as the CGI trailer. I also saw one dropped frame in my two hours on the game, which is totally unacceptable.

    Finally, it's not as good as CoD4. The controller is rubbish. It will look better on 360 when it is released on it soon. Well, I guess my PS3 returns to being a dust-gathering blu-ray player as it still has no games.

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    Where did you copy and paste that from?
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