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    Nice post. Yeah, it might be a little overwhelming at first. Especially since you're completely free to do exactly whatever you want and it also really doesn't tell you what you're supposed to or even can do in any detail, you're just supposed to fumble around in the dark a little I think. I'd played a little of Arvoch Conflict and a few hours of Evochron Renegades prior to this game's release, so it was a really easy day one buy for me.

    I'm not really actually doing much in the game.. but the hours fly by at an insane rate. It's just so nice and relaxing.. floating around, mining a little, doing a mercenary mission here and there, upgrading some stuff, exploring new systems. The new beacon quest is really nice aswell, it really shouldn't be as it's so incredibly simple-- you're just finding beacons that trigger a small text with instructions on where and how to approach the next beacon.. there's supposed to be something of value at the end of this but I'm really enjoying just suiting up with the right inventory and ship parts and looking for that next one.

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