#4358581, By Javier-de-Ass Evochron Legends (Freeform Space Combat / Trader and Mercenary Simulator)

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    Yeah, Evochron Legends unpacked is only 125 megs. Would fit perfectly. The problem is more if Microsoft would be interested in having it on there, which is doubtful. Also, the guy making it do patch turnarounds in a few hours which is just completely impossible and I'm pretty sure he just wouldn't be interested in jumping through the hoops to support it on there like he is now.

    1Dgaf wrote:
    I tried the demo for 10 minutes. The audio instructions rattle past far too quickly, plus there wasn't a space station where there should have been.

    Or, probably, I was where the space station wasn't.
    You probably were above or below it? You can check the last axis on the 2d nav map (F1) with one of the buttons to the right of it. You can also right click on the nav map to set the marker directly onto space stations and other stuff like gates.
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