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    Evochron Legends is a simulation, so don't expect an arcadey mission based shooter here. Having said that, its a very playable simulation with lots to do and lots to learn. The tutorial is quite intense, and should be taken stage by stage, until you have the basics of flight and combat, and navigation. So I'd suggest doing each stage seperately, and when you start to understand the basics then move on. The demo is limited to 90 minutes, however the developer has said that if people want more time to experience the game, you can extend your demo by "uninstalling, delete the sw3dg folder, then reinstall, you'll get your 90 minutes back". This will give you more time to play around and learn. You can't save your progress in the main game, but you should have more than enough to make a decision on whether the game is for you.

    Its an open ended game, where you can do what you want, mining, trading, combat, exploring.. you chose and there are factions you can influence the game world by aligning with. One of the biggest pluses to the game, is that you can seemlessly play online (on a dedicated server) with your pilot profile from the single player game. So you can play with up to 32 other people, either PvP or co-operatively. You will find that some of the players running the servers will help you out if you're new to the game, and they will show you around the basics from a hands on experience.

    Another key selling point, is that the dev is always around on his forums to listen, and to advise, and to fix and patch as and when. In fact Evo Legends is an evolution of the Evochron games, primarily through his direct contact with his player base. Having such a close relationship with the guy who put the game together is very inspirational. And the community at StarWraith's forums is very friendly and helpful.

    I can't see it making XBL though, mainly because of how its been coded, by one dev, in Dark Basic. It is a labour of love, and it has its quirks, with the interface, however, if you are willing to be a part of the community, you can, with your suggestions forge the way ahead for this very dynamic game development procedure. Since launch last week, and ultimately down to many suggestions on the forums, the game has gone through 4 or 5 iterations, including changes to the Nav console itself, and multiplayer information linking and optimising. Anyone can run a dedicated server too, and the abillity to change the worlds parameters, means this game is very mod-dable. Its not top of the shelf graphics, but some of the stuff out there in the Evochron Universe is very beautiful.

    I took some screenshots

    Entering Planetfall

    Station Approach

    And to think he's pulled off this kind of Elite+ game in just under 130Mb footprint is amazing!

    If you have any interest in Space Sim Combat, and freeform gameplay, then Evochron Legends is worth sticking with. For me this knocks the X series into a cocked hat, simply for accessibility and its responsive developer and friendly community.

    You can play the game with a gamepad, and quite a number of the functions needed will fit onto a gamepads buttons. I play with a PS2 analogue controller and even with the complexities of inertial flight its very natural mechanism.

    There are limitations, it is a solid piece of work from a very dedicated chap and his coding vision of a space combat simulation. And it can only get better, the more people are exposed to it, and the more suggestions and time is poured into it. Well worth the effort.
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