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    Some interesting new features on the horizon for Evochron Legends, the developer has posted this information about a patch coming next week, including the abililty to store ships in hangars in stations, create ship design templates for swapping and sharing, and the ability to use multiple joystick/gamepad control devices.. heres the info he posted:

    Ship hangars, templates, and multiple control devices...

    Ok, I am nearing the test stage for the next update and wanted to post some information on what it adds and changes for review.

    Multiple Control Devices
    First, I'll cover the changes to the control system. For the first time, Evochron will support multiple simultaneous control devices without the need of an external configuration file. It will also support for more than 2 devices (up to 10 are supported). To accomplish this, much of the control system (input and mapping) needed to be re-written to accomodate multiple devices. I have tried to keep the transition as familiar as possible though, so the same configuration menu will still be available, it now simply includes support for switching devices during the binding/mapping process.

    Obviously, this means changes in the configuration files. The game will automatically update the old file formats for the new one the first time you launch the new version. However, you may need to rebind your controls for the new system if you have more than one device attached to your system and/or if the axis channels do not match between the old system and new.

    When you enter the configure controls menu, you'll see a new option at the top that lists the current device. Use the > arrows to switch the current device to a different one to select an input for a given control function. When binding buttons, select the device you want to map the control to before clicking on the control to map. You can switch between different devices when binding axis channels at any time.

    All of the same functionality should remain available with the exception of channel 7 for X52 users. For some reason, this signal just isn't picked up (even though it is on X36 and X45's). I am in contact with the author of the multijoy DLL I'm using to see if support for it can be added. Most X52 users may not even use the top rotary dial, but I'd like to make sure it's included at some point (if you need it in the meantime, SST should work)

    I've implemented both the template option and the hangar option. The new options should line up well with the game's design and challenge. Much of the feedback helped establish these goals:

    - Templates will use a 'global' system, so all profiles will be able to access the templates.

    - The external file system will let you share your templates with other players.

    - You will be able to store up to 10 unique template designs.

    - Each saved template will display the frame, engine, shield core, cargo bay limit, fuel tank class, and wing/thruster class.

    - Each primary trade station will allow a pilot to rent one hangar. Each hangar can store one complete ship plus up to 5 bays worth of cargo. This limit has been applied to keep storage options limited enough to keep players moving and storing items throughout the game's universe rather than throwing everything in one location, potentially giving them exploitable advantages. It also keeps things fairly realistic by limiting the storage space for each pilot to leave room for others. With all of the stations available in the game, the player can still store many different ships and a lot of cargo, even in the same solar system.

    - Each hangar rented will cost the player credits for as long as they store items or a ship at each location. You won't get hit with multiple charges all spread out, instead, fees will be charged on a common billing cycle and all hangars you own will be consolidated into a single payment per cycle.

    - If you have a ship in a hangar you're at, you can swap it with your current ship. You cargo and equipment will transfer from one ship to the other automatically. If the new ship doesn't have the space for cargo, fuel, or weapons, you'll give them up to the station upon transfer unless you store them or sell them first. This is an intentional part of the design for players to prioritize and plan ahead (rewarding players who plan ahead being one of the strategy elements the game includes). Those who plan their ship-swapping in advance can be rewarded by not only keeping more of what they acquire, but also profiting from it.

    - If you do not already have a ship in a hangar at a location, you will be given the option to store the ship you have and will need to duplicate another so you are never without a ship. If you have the money for the procedure, it will be done for you automatically. You can then change your duplicate ship to whatever else you want once you've placed your original ship in storage. Currently, I'm letting the system allow the duplication of any ship at any trade stration, rather than restricting it to only stations that support the design. The reasons for this are to allow the storage of any ship at any trade station and to operate with the option not being available at constructor stations or carriers (trade stations exclusively).

    - I've decided not to require a station license to use hangars. This lets early players get access to hangars sooner. Licenses will still help you by reducing the access costs for a hangar in a hostile or moderate system. They just won't be required to rent a hangar (their repeating costs will likely be plenty sufficient for most players).

    - You'll have the option to sell a ship in storage, in case you want to empty your hangar later on.

    - Hangars must be completely empty of a ship and cargo in order to remove the storage fees.

    - To accommodate the required profile changes for the new hangar system, your profile will be automatically saved as you make changes to hangar storage.

    I plan to have a test build available some time next week.
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