#4498924, By spelk Evochron Legends (Freeform Space Combat / Trader and Mercenary Simulator)

  • spelk 12 Mar 2009 21:53:15 21 posts
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    He's constantly tweaking the game with his playerbase's help, and has been putting out test builds almost weekly.. I think 1.048 will become the next official update. But dive into the community, have your say and enjoy the test builds is probably the best way to taste the evolution of the title. Parts of key gameplay have changed beyond belief in the short time that its been released (hangars, templates and mutliplayer NAV functionality). Its also cool to see the game get some exposure on RPS, and its now in GameTrove.net's catalogue. Very much passing by word of mouth at the moment though.

    Anyone know how to get the game in EG.net's database, so I can attach my review to it? The only title in there is the very old Evochron Alliance, and even then its details are missing and theres just two videos attached to it.
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