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    Running a pub is ridiculously hard work unless you're making enough money to hire someone to manage it for you.

    I grew up in my parents' pub and a typical day would start at 8am when they got up to do the cleaning, sort out deliveries, re-stock the shelves, clean the lines, get the kitchen ready and start preparing food. Then they'd have to run the place until it closed at 3 (this was before all day opening) at which point they'd have a couple of hours off to eat some lunch and relax before getting ready for the evening session.
    The work wouldn't finish until the last customer was kicked out and the till was cashed up at around midnight.

    At the weekend and during school holidays I'd be used as slave labour - helping with the cleaning, taking out food orders, collecting and washing glasses etc.
    On the plus side, they made a load of money (until the last recession hit in the early nineties) and we had the keys for the arcade games and pool table so I could give myself free credits when the pub was shut :D
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