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    Normally I'm quite happy with a cafetiere and a bag of Dowe Egberts, but recently I've taken a fancy to drinking espressos at work (I work in a cafe where we have a VERY fancy and VERY expensive coffee machine that I like to call The Spaceship, I can't remember what brand of coffee beans we use but the coffee is awesome). However I am hoping to leave the job soon, so no more free coffee for me.

    I've been doing a bit of reading up about making espressos and it's a bloody minefield. One website reckons you need to spend at least 300 on a grinder. I have neither the money nor the space for a decent espresso machine, and I live in the sticks and there is nowhere anywhere nearby that will grind beans for me.

    I was thinking of getting a little moka pot and maybe buying a Krups grinder, but that doesn't solve the lack of easy access to fresh beans.

    How do you lot make your espresso at home?
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