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    I'm definitely unconvinced about pod coffee, to be honest :) But next time I'm somewhere with a John Lewis or House of Fraser I will try one (neither of those stores anywhere near me, unfortunately, only a House of Fraser outlet that looks a bit like a warehouse). If I get a machine, I'd have to get rid of the filter machine as I don't have space for both, and I do like my filter coffee.

    Anyway I took a trip to TK Maxx this morning and bought a little moka pot for 5.99. I didn't have any fresh coffee so I just tried it out with my Douwe Egberts ground that I normally use in the filter machine or cafetiere and you know what? It was amazing. Obviously coffee aficionados (I hesitate to use the word snobs!) would probably turn their noses up because it wasn't freshly ground, or even the right sort of grind, but I don't care. I've seen on the internet where people have said they needed practice to get moka pot brews right, so if this is what my first one tastes like I can't wait to taste it when I get my hands on some decent beans!
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