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  • KingOfTheC 26 May 2011 16:56:22 289 posts
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    My girlfriend says I have a problem when it comes to condiments - I love them.

    As has been said, Salad Cream goes well with anything.

    I love Nandos Perinaise (or Branstons Mayonnaise with Peri Peri)

    Mr Singh's Punjabi sauce is amazing (you can buy it from asda) - it's basically a chilli sauce and is just fantastic on burgers

    Love a bit of classic Heinz Ketchup (fish and chips with curry sauce, lots of vinegar and ketchup is amazing)

    Garlic mayonnaise on *any* kind of Christmas leftover is the best thing ever

    HP Hot BBQ sauce is brilliant with beans on toast (or even better, up the ante and have it on Beans and Sausage on toast).

    I think that's all for now...

    PS I love Nandos garlic sauce on chicken too.
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