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    Nth wrote:
    Must admit I've not read much criticism of the 1.4, I can't fault mine.

    Basically it goes like this:
    It's an old design with a rather slow and unprecise ring motor, not a proper USM (focusing motor) like the more recent designs. USM-lenses focus faster, more precise and less noisy. The 50/1.4 motor is like a watch that moves the hand a whole second at a time, the modern USM motors are more like the Rolex watches which have smooth movement and can stop at any time. In some cases this means that the 50/1.4 misses the focus because of it's design. When shooting in low light the 50/1.4 can hunt quite a lot compared to the 85/1.8.

    It's also a bit lacking in terms of contrast and doesn't sport the modern anti-reflective coating on the back lens which (for some reason) all modern lenses have.

    It's not a bad lens, it could however do with an upgrade to MK 2 soon.
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