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    henro_ben wrote:

    Like the first one more, the second one doesn't really do much for me.

    Think you'd have been better off with a shorter exposure with the 2nd one - there's not much detail in the water, but there's not enough movement in the waves overall to give you the mist effect. So it just ends up looking like a fairly calm sea. Either that or a much longer exposure to give you that totally flat mill pond look.

    Just my view though - personal taste etc. etc. Thanks Henro and Pistol.

    I have others where I have played with the exposure times so I will have a gander to see which is better. What I liked while there was that the waves were not huge white water types, but more rolling waves on a relatively calm sea (rain, no wind) and I tried to capture that. Plus I was there with the main intention of playing with a 10 stop filter (apart from actually being there for work) hence the long exposures.
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