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    alexm wrote:
    Thanks Mal,

    I didn't really explain myself very well when I said 'comprehensive' - I just want something with a more subtle sensor which is probably the main downside of the Sony Cybershot.

    As the Sony Cybershot pretty much has zoom covered, I'm not bothered about losing out on this with something to have alongside it. The options seem a bit daunting though price-wise, I was hoping something like the Nikon D5100 mark (420 on Amazon - originally priced around the 800 mark) would be a step-up, but would hate to splash out on something like that and then not be able to see a decent improvement (after getting used to the manual settings)on the auto Cybershot pics.
    To see a real huge difference between a good compact and a DSLR then you might have to think about prime lenses or a good quality short range zoom.

    For example the Tamron 18-270 zoom lens won't look as good as your compact and costs 330. It's a very wide ranging zoom and doesn't use expensive glass so the results are pretty poor when you compare it to something like a decent mid range zoom with expensive glass (the Canon 17-55 - I haven't tried any Nikon).

    However both Nikon and Canon have cheap 50mm prime lenses (80) that will produce photos better than what your compact can even on an older cheap 2nd hand body.

    You need to think about what kind of photos you want to take with the DSLR and purchase a body and lens geared towards that, and arguably gear the money towards the lens rather than the body.
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