#4572618, By SunilDe Where can I buy UK Wii games for international delivery?

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    I'd got some games sent down by game.co.uk. They also run gamestation.co.uk (which gives you better prices on most of the games and higher availability for some reason, but doesn't give you reward points... hmm... maybe the reward points 2.5% cashback system compensates for the markdown from 13(game.co.uk) to 10(gamestation.co.uk)... then again maybe it doesn't :)

    There is a bit of an issue with the deliveries though. They're sent by regular (non-recorded delivery, non-trackable) post, so if it doesn't arrive within 28 days you need to talk to them - at which point they offered (in my case) to resend the package or cancel it. I asked for it to be resent and they cancelled it anyway (it just happened, so I have no idea of how prompt they are with the refund, but I'm not too worried about it).

    I'm hoping and praying cdwow manages to get the stuff sent here. It's quite frustrating to be willing to pay the exhorbitant prices for the games out here (in India), but not be able to buy them (because strangely enough, they sell the US version here rather than the Indian standard PAL systems).

    ChrisOTR wrote:
    Hi everyone,

    Long story short, I have a UK Wii, but I live in Hong Kong. And I'm a victim of region locking.

    It's very easy and cheap to buy Wii games here, but I have a UK Wii, so they won't work.

    I want to get UK Wii games posted over, but can't use CD-Wow or eBay (because I've had problems/disputes with both in the past)...

    Does anyone know any other online stores that will ship UK Wii games internationally?

    Thanks for any tips!
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