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    TT challenge is on... what made you choose Homestead? Coincidentally I just unlocked USA in Challenge mode last night so am just familiarising myself with the layout of Homestead as it`s the first US track, and I also tried out the 599 there in a sneaky bunking off work moment at lunchtime.... and then Homestead it is. However, I expect to be soundly thrashed here. I think the part of Homestead where you go from the loop to the infield is very very scary but on-the-edge fun too, especially without SC. Shift is supposed to be the exciting and "visceral" game, but moments like this in SCC are unbeatable I think. I tried that turn in the Koenigsegg and did about 7.8 million pounds worth of damage writing off a garage full of them. The 599 is slightly wild at times but more driveable for me.
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