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    It seems scary before you've done it; I was terrified all day before I got up there, but as soon as I got the mic in my hand and the whole room was looking at me I just felt like a different person, and did my best to act like I'd done it a million times before. Amazing feeling though, when you're getting the laughs. It's all a great big confidence trick.

    As for knowing you're funny - you don't. You just have to have a go at it and hope that you and the audience share a vague idea of what's funny. And even if you don't, fuck 'em - you're not hurting anyone, people usually know they're seeing untested/open spots, and you're just trying to give people a good evening out. Nobody can really be too angry at you for that.

    I would say this though - if you've ever even so much as thought "that'd be fun", have a go. I've been into stand-up for years, and kind of secretly fancied the idea of doing it, while always finding a reason not to do it. That's no way to live your life though. It's an interesting story to tell even if it goes badly, right?
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