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    Hey hey! I've started getting seriously tuned into this game over the past couple of weeks, I've played it on and off over the last 5 years but never to any significant degree (it took me four of those to complete the Prophecies campaign).

    I recently bought the complete collection and, whilst I've completed the Prophecies campaign twice (soon to be a third time), I'm still working my way through the other three. I'm part of the way through Factions, mostly soloing it; I'm doing Nightfall with a chum of mine; Eye of the North I have barely touched yet, besides entering the first outpost (Boreal Station or something).

    I'll be sticking to it anyway, but I was wondering if anyone is interested in joining me? I could do with a hand on Factions; I have an assassin right at the start, and a lvl20 Proph. ranger at Boreas Seabed.

    Also, I'm a member of an existing guild that's always looking for new members (we are not terribly active just now), so the invitation is open if you wanna join the fun! I am hoping that, with GW2 coming out in the near-ish future, interest might be picking up in GW again.
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