#4405936, By Kremlik Street fighter 4 - multiplayer woes

  • Kremlik 19 Feb 2009 16:16:25 17 posts
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    Thanks to Play.com I've got my copy early, Single player is a blast I've already worn my D-pad finger out... and already started humming the theme tune randomly (cry!)

    however the big brick stone wall of multiplayer connection issues has popped up again, in the MP match setup system theres a signal bar for every user you can connect to indercating your lag to them - guess what it's like having a 3 phone in the UK - NO SINGAL!! I've lost connetion to rooms most of the time so far, plus with the rating system if your not a 'ezwin' in seems your likly to get kicked or have 'master' titled players trying to kill you..

    Wheres that patch when you need it? It's really hurting the game atm
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