#5576204, By Assassin's Creed 2

  • Deleted user 7 December 2009 21:48:21
    JetSetWilly wrote:
    Whizzo wrote:
    I think the assassinations from hay piles is my favourite addition, it's not only effective but always makes me smile for some reason.

    It's an excellent addition. Though my personal fave is to take your target down as he walks past the bench you're sat on. The animation that results in is superb.

    Spot on - I only did that once, and only by chance...I just saw "assassinate" pop up while hiding and couldn't resist. The best animation, bar some of the two-handed weapon counter kills.

    Kujata wrote
    Tenchu Z was awesome. Particularly in co-op. It was all kinds of out-dated and broken, but the stealth kills were great. I dream of a new Tenchu with ACII quality graphics and co-op. That would be a GOTY for me right there!

    That would be so fucking sweet. :-)
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