#6328297, By Sean.Aaron Classic PRO controller

  • Sean.Aaron 30 Jun 2010 10:28:13 2,531 posts
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    Or you can get a Classic Linker Plus and use it through that, though you'll want an extension cord as well. Make sure you get the plus as the pinouts are apparently sufficiently different between the CC/CC Pro that the regular Classic Linker doesn't work with the Pro at all.

    I would note though that for many Gamecube games the GC layout works a lot better - I wouldn't try playing Incredible Hulk Ultimate Destruction with the CC Pro. On the other hand the shitty Gamecube controller d-pad means I only play Mr. Driller Drill Land using the CC Pro. Another good thing about the Linker Plus is you can play Metal Slug Anthology with the CC/CC Pro rather than the ass-like Wii controls or the equally ass-like GC d-pad or analogue stick.
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