#4439463, By SwedBear Microsoft ties Universal deal for video-on-demand to Xbox consoles!

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    woodnotes wrote:
    Xerx3s wrote:
    It's even more pathetic when you realise that the rest of Europe doesn't even get that marketplace section. They keep blaming localisation rights and all that but that's just a whole load of bs when you see that others have no problems at all.
    The more likely truth is that ms just doesn't give a rats arse.
    Indeed. All you have to do is look at the iTunes video store, which has EVERYTHING on it, to realise that MS are slackers.

    Xerx3s: Who are the "others" you are talkin about? iTunes? Sorry, no video content for most of Europe (does anyone else than UK have video content? I guess Germany and France might). When I try to watch something on BBC from here in Sweden I get an error saying it is only available in the UK.

    Getting the rights for each country separate is a bitch and not even Apple has managed to solve that yet. It sucks and I would have thoughts that when new broadcasting rights were sold for TV-Shows they would have started to also sell "online"-rights separate to the different broadcasting-rights so that Apple, MS, Sony etc. would be able to sell the TV-show episodes as they were aired in each country.

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