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    not read it all yet, but interesting so far.
    here's a snip of the interview

    IGN: Oh, yeah. It would appear to be so. Looking at it now, this is something where you talk about publishers walking away from the platform -- or at least mentioning that they were thinking about it -- obviously that's a public opinion that you guys have been fighting for a while; especially on the IGN boards or when we write articles as far as comments or even some of the people here: they were looking at the PSP as a dead platform. Right now, you have this booster shot of great announcements and you say that there are some more coming, Looking forward, how long do you want to keep that going? What's the -- not exit plan for the PSP -- is this another thing where you want to get another two solid years out of it and then start worrying about the PSP2?

    John Koller: [Laughing] Well, we look at the PSP platform overall as a ten-year lifecycle plan so the various iterations we've made from PSP-1000 to -2000 to -3000 all are inclusive in that. There is not a firm timeline right now in terms of what we want to do with transitioning or moving on. I know you're going to ask me about PSP2 here in a minute.

    IGN: Yeah. Eventually.

    John Koller: I'll short circuit that.

    IGN: I'm sure you're going to tell me everything and give me PDFs of the specs.

    John Koller: I'll short circuit it by saying that we don't have firm plans on any of those areas that have for some reason been publicly announced by other people today. We do look at the PSP platform as an area of tremendous growth. It's a high margin business for us. It's a business we'll be in for all of the foreseeable future. We look at it not only because of these great games are coming but also because of its tie-in with the PS3 is going to become much closer through updates and remote play and some other things, which you and I talked about last time. So, there are a number of things happening from kind of a holistic brand/platform message that's going to be very positive for PSP.
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