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    Official prices for the memory cards in the EU or USA haven't been announced yet but in Japan they are (copied from VG247) The 4GB model is 2,200yen (approximately $29), 8GB 3,200yen ($42), 16GB 5,500yen ($72), and if you want to go the whole hog, a 32GB style will set you back 9,500yen ($124)

    Apparently the 32GB cards have sold out straight away in Japan.

    What flavour are they? MicroSD?

    Propriatory format apparently - no chance of buying cheap unbranded ones

    They need to realise the "Memory Stick" is relatively dead and that SD is the only way to go. And there is no need for a new format. MicroSD must be cheap to produce and easy to whack a game on it... It just makes sense... :/

    Because they're subsidising the console unit with it.
    Is that because it's also the format that boxed games will come in? (really not sure)...if so it's the kind of thing normally done to put a speed bump in the path of pirates isn't it?
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