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    I think the gaming whilst the wife watches tv aspect of handheld's is overlooked. I only get on my PS3 a couple of evenings a week. I have no intention of regularly 'gaming on the go', just using the Vita most nights to play some good games. Surprised this hasn't been mentioned more in the advertising for handhelds. A Vita ad of a frustrated bloke lying on the sofa begrudgingly watching a TOWIE, suddenly get's a Vita thrust in his hands by Nathan Drake. Bingo! (I want credit for this Sony)

    I tried the 3DS (after loving the DS lite) and hated it, crappy build quality, crappy screen, crappy battery. Can't wait for Uncharted on Vita.

    Just switched my pre-order from Game to Amazon, bit worried about Games financial state and Amazon's new bundles are brilliant value. (feel a bit guilty as I'm probably adding to Game's problems!)

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