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    Help_me wrote:
    HMV will give you 110 for the 3ds console if you trade it in for this. Makes it a better deal than Game.
    game/gamestation apparently give you 130 (store credit) if you trade in for the vita. or is the hmv offer cash, do you know? i was going to sell my 3ds and go with the amazon bundle, but, assuming i get 120 for my 3ds, zelda and street fighter, and, for comparisons sake, assume the amazon bundle comes with the pre-order pack for 10 extra, that makes the amazon deal 234.99.

    game/gamestation give 130 for a 3ds if trading in for a vita, and apparently 25% extra for 3ds games when trading in towards a vita, so that's 25 for zelda and 12 for street fighter. so that's 167 for my 3ds and two games.

    i would go for the game/gamestation bundle - wi-fi vita, pre-order pack, 8 gb card and everybody's golf for 259.98.

    so, in total, i would be paying 114.99 for the amazon bundle, or 92.98 for the game/gamestation bundle. looks like i'm off to gamestation tomorrow.
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