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    Has anyone seen any reports from Americans who had imported the machine and were using a JP account, who have now switched over to their US account? Wondering what info you lose/how time consuming it is.
    There was a video on how to do this on an american site about a month ago (sorry can't remember where thought it was IGN but can't now find it). In short you need 2 memory cards one with your local region account and downloads on and another with your foreign region account and downloads on (could also just be a second same region account if your sharing your unit with someone). Your profile is bound to your vita so you first have to unbind it, then remove the memory card, reset the vita to factory settings, put in your other memory card and then bind the account on that card to the vita.

    From what I could tell you don't ever loose any data or settings but the 2 profiles including any associated saves and downloads are totally separate from one another. So you couldn't for example download Wipeout on a US account and then play it on a UK account.

    Also the whole process seems to take about 5 - 10 minutes.

    EDIT:/ it was on IGN as just seen the same guy in another IGN vid but can't find the profile swap vid anywhere!

    EDIT 2:/ found it : How to switch PSN accounts on vita

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