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    santashi wrote:
    ElNino9 wrote:
    My brother has just gone to Gamestation to pick up 16GB memory card that he'd pre-ordered and they'd sold it. Also paid for the pre-order to make matters worse.

    Absolute fucking cunts.
    That's terrible! I hope they didn't try to offer the money as store credit or something tactless like that.
    They didn't have my 3G ready for me when I went in this morning (8.15). I waited until 9 for their delivery (was told that it would be there by then) and no-show. I ended up going over to GAME and getting it there. On my way home, Gamestation phone me to let me know their stock had arrived, told 'em I had one now. I also told them I'll be asking for my deposit to be refunded at the weekend, to which they said they'll offer credit. I told them that we'll see about that. Jokers.
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