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  • Midgar777 21 Mar 2012 12:27:12 472 posts
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    I'm really enjoying mine too! I play it pretty much every day, even if it's just entering the golf online competitions each day :D!

    I've finished Uncharted (but need to do it 2 more times for all the trophies!), finished Rayman (but aiming for 100% completion) and I'm up to the silver tier on Everybody's golf. That's it for main games, but I've also got loads to do on Motorstorm, Hustle Kings and SSD too.

    Brilliant handheld and I kind of like that there's not many new games available at the moment because I tend to spread myself too thin anyway. If there was a large collection of new games being released for it each week I wouldn't be going back and getting more from Rayman and Everybody's Golf like I am now :) I'd say that's a good thing!
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