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    Ror1984 wrote:
    @michaelius - Some of us have a digital collection of both PS1 and PSP games that we've built up over the years, and we'd like the ability to play both on our shiny new Vitas. As I said earlier in the thread, I'm currently re-playing Silent Hill on my Vita via Remote Play. Re-playing older PS1 games that I'd not revisited in years on my PSP was one of my favourite features of that console.

    I don't really understand the negativity from some towards PS1 Classics. It's not a slight against the Vita, as most of us in this thread are big fans of the machine. Perhaps I'm reading too much into it.

    @HiddenAway - E3 would be fine by me. I am pretty patient about it - I do still have my PSP afterall, though I'd like to retire it eventually. Keeping three handhelds (Vita, 3DS, PSP) all charged up is a bit of a pain! I just worry that, given how quiet they've been on the subject, Sony might quietly brush it under the carpet in the hopes we all forget about it.
    I have all FF ps1 games from store waiting for that moment ;) But it really isn't that important feature in grand scheme of things imho. I'd rather get working html5 first and multitasking browser that won't require twitter trick to launch.
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