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    THFourteen wrote:
    CharlieStCloud wrote:
    I took my Vita outside whilst waiting for my family to come home on Sunday and even after turning the brightness up full whack, I still couldn't see a blooming thing on that lovely screen ...

    ... : (

    I happily sunbathed instead.
    Yeah massive problem with gadgets IMO, useless on holiday. I bought a kindle for that purpose.

    Can get away with a phone though, those screens seem to be a bit brighter / better suited, so you can watch the odd video or surf the internet.

    I did the same on Sunday. Unit 13 was useless but managed some EG in the shade just about! For me it's about travelling and using it on bus/plane journeys really. For that it's perfect!

    Was looking forward to resistance, being a resistance virgin, but not so sure now. Might try the demo first and see (if there will be one!)
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