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    Don't forget it's only been out for 5 months or so!
    That's why I don't really understand the panic people keep having over how badly it's apparently doing. Didn't the same thing happen with the 3DS? Like I said though, I'm no expert on these things. :|
    Are people really panicking? I mean ok so a few have sold their consoles but I don't think anyone is hysterical yet.

    Really the thing for me is not the somewhat understandable lack of games since after the launch period, it's the future line-up (that we know of at least). E3 was a massive letdown for me as a Vite-owner, left me unimpressed with what the console has to offer going into Christmas. For me there is just not enough as things stand and I'm not interested in playing games I can play on 360/PC/PS3.
    I'm not "panicking" in the literal sense of the word, but I am pretty resigned to the console being classed as a failure in the short-to-medium term future and Sony moving on from it.

    The ridiculous lack of traction in the Japanese market combined with the number of potentially popular games coming out right now and over the rest of the year on the PSP there paint a pretty grim picture - I'm just not too bothered on one level, since I still feel like I will get value out of the console overall.

    I will just be a little sad that the best bit of handheld gaming hardware out there is going to end up overlooked for economic reasons.

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