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    Morning all,
    Having had a few hours to play with my new toy last night here are my first impressions.

    Really impressed with the kit. It is much nicer to hold than the original psp, as owners have already said. Comfier than the 3ds by a mile as well. The nippular thumb sticks are a world apart from the thing that was laughably called an analogue stick on the last machine.

    The screen is gorgeous, so much so that it annoys me a bit that it's a touchscreen. Don't want finger marks all over it. Does make things easier when it comes to things like typing in passwords and what not in the system settings, though.

    Still don't like the GUI "dashboard". It's functional I guess, but those bubbles look really naff!

    Rayman Origins, is a lovely game. Played the demo on Xbox and whilst I loved the look of it, it never felt like the xbox was it's place to be. I was correct, coz it's right at home on PSV. Looks stunning, and the sound is great too. Looking forward to sinking some time into that one. There's a possibility it could be at least as good as Mario's last outing!

    Uncharted is what I expected it to be. Didn't grab me from the get go and I really have little interest in playing a game like that on a system like that. Didn't like the way they tried to cram all the feature controls into the first 30 mins either. OVERLOAD.

    Was planning on swapping that for Wipeout, but now I'm thinking getting some money off a memory card would be a wiser investment at this stage. The downloadable fifa and demo MS:RC already filled the 4GB that came with it :-/

    Oh, and Motorstorm RC... That looks really good fun! The controls baffled me for about 5 minutes, but once it clicked I was zooming all over the course. Would like to play some more of that, definitely.

    Overall, I'm impressed.

    If you'd like to add me on PSN, my ID is: Binktastic
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